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Basic Principles for Learning Guitar


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Always wondering where to start when it comes to considering learning guitar chords which are an essential part of playing the guitar? Well, I have got an answer to this in my blog. If you are a Music Learner and A Music Learner, this article will be a treat for you. So get started as I have placed together with my thoughts that will aid you to find out guitar chords as swiftly as well as conveniently as possible.


Chords of Guitar:

1.       Be Passionate: Passion is the most important aspect that makes an individual start to learn anything new that he desires to pick up. I believe passion comes from interest. It’s only the curiosity and excitement that makes us keeps learning and explore new things. But sometimes, despite all the energies within, the passion will take a backseat, and that’s ok, too. In life, it happens to everyone. Be associated with it in a peripherally way and contemplate the enrichment it brought to your life. Keep the passion going and this will never let the fire of learning go away from your heart.


2.       Learn Basic Skills: It takes time to learn the basic skills to play the guitar. There is a possibility that you will certainly make some errors in the beginning and as well face difficulty in finger settings yet this is something that all of us guitarists experience initially. Though it may take time and more effort in the beginning but trust me it’s important to learn the basic skills and that too properly. When you play a chord, check every string to make sure it sounds clear and use the correct fingers when playing chords and playing scales. Let’s be honest to ourselves that there is no easy way out to learn new things. So don’t be satisfied till you learn the right chords and also it will certainly not be long before you are playing chords correctly and effortlessly.


3.       Practice, Practice, and Practice: This was the only advice I was given by my teacher when I started learning to play the chords of the guitar. Though beyond as a certain level, this will drive you crazy though you have to tell yourself to practice more than before. It is very important to practice every day as your hands need to play the chords automatically without the brain instructing what to play and fingers enter into the right location instantly without you considering the guitar fretboard. 


4.       The Habit to Listen: This is one habit that is the most underrated though helps us to learn the minutest of details. Initially, it is important to listen to every chord that you are playing and discover what that chord sounds like. Each, as well as every chord, has a distinct sound, and experts can identify every chord just by listening to it. This will certainly not just bring in confidence in you to play the guitar but will certainly allow you to select chords from tunes that you hear some elsewhere. So to be a great musician, you need to possess this simple but explicit quality. 


5.       Slow but certain: There is nothing wrong if you are a slow learner as long as you are learning the right way. Start with easy chords and increase the level of difficulty depending on your confidence. The interesting part is that there are thousands of tracks that you can play with just three or four chords (like the chords of Death Bed Song by Powfu) and you will sound terrific playing them. You will certainly likewise develop your mastery and capability to change chords and you soon you will be able to play brand-new tunes and impress your audience.


6.        Learn to read chords: It's important to know how to read a chords chart. In today’s world when everything is available to us at a click of a button, finding and learning the chords is not a difficult task at all. Do remember that it’s important to know the note titles of each string. It is worth learning the notes for each fret along each string because while strumming if you play an incorrect bass note in your guitar chord then it is most likely to sound out of the song. 


7.       Develop your Motor Skills: Finger memory (motor skills) plays a vital role in strumming the guitar. So it’s important to develop your finger strength. Practicing frequently and exercising your fingers will build up not just your mastery but additionally the toughness in the muscle mass of your fingers. Keep up the entirety of your fingers close to the strings just as accessible for utilization and you will positively find that this pays – off to you when you start for more data mind-boggling harmonies, later on in your guitar player vocation.


8.       Enjoy the learning process: There is a famous saying that “Fun in learning has positive effects on the drive within and it keeps learners coming back with more enthusiasm”. So it’s important to enjoy your journey from an amateur to an expert. Applaud yourself for your small achievement and celebrate your achievements as it refuels your enthusiasm and keeps yourself motivated. 


Though I agree that there could be more points that can be added to this list but I feel these are the most relevant principals one should follow to become an expert in playing guitar or any other musical instrument in life.  Hope you liked reading the article and do let us know your comments.

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