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  1. Hi friends, I am here again to ask your support. I need strumming of the song of Nek, l'inquietudine. Whish a peacefull New Year. Davor
  2. Ciao! I have been playing for about 15 months. I am doing it by my self for about 45min/day more or less. Enough to know something but considering my age and poour talent the progress is quite slow. But, important is that I liked it. As for the song I am able to change the chords quite good but uncapable to catch the pattern. I saw some guys in you tube playing the song introducing the mute (stopato-in italian). I'll try with your suggestion. Thank you very much for the answer and patinet. A warm saluto from Udine.
  3. Thanks Patati. I'am a biginner and for me defining of strumming of a song is bigiest difficulty. Somebody know strumming of Vasco Rossi's "Quanti hanni hai"?
  4. Great, Great,Great.....THAK YOU VERY MUCH. Ciao, anoyher small thing. For the Hotel California Strumming Bh bh Bh BH bH bH Bh BH, the first is downstroke (Bh) and the second one (bh) is not to be played. Right?
  5. Dear All, Could somebody help me to understand why in the Rutham of the songs are used Capital and Small letters. Thank you / Davor
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