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[Babylon Circus] Mr clown


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Intro Gm

Circus tonight at the old square
Families are crushing to get inside
Attracted by the lamps of the fair
Impatience is rising so tide

Mr Clown's watching from behind the curtain
Little kids eating sweets and calling "daddy !"
Mr Clown's feeling the same pain again
His hands are wet, his legs are shaky

          F     Gm
I feel so down
                  F       Gm
I can't play the clown ...

Mr Clown what's wrong with you ?
You are the star, they are waiting for you !
Jump on the ball !  Fall on the floor !
Lose it again and they will ask for more

Mr Clown gets on the ring
And the children start screaming and laughing
Mr Clown dancing on the high wire
Children poiting at him with the finger

I feel so down
I can't play the clown
I feel so down
I won't play the clown

Intro Gm + Intro Cm

Mr Clown what are you looking for ?
With this lights on my face I just can't find !
Mr Clown can't speak no more
I got so many voices talking in my mind !

You've been drinking more than what you can take
Making all the matters worst
You've been smoking to much to stay awake
Mr Clown you're getting lost ...

Mumbling words that we don't understand
Rambling rambling once again
Staggering acrobat, climbing on the counter
The audience is gone and now the show is over

Oouh ...! My head ...

Mr Clown turning wise in the old square
Juggling 'pon the back of pink elephant
Goog friend are here with a bottle to share,
The stars and the moon are in the tent

          F   Gm
I feel so high
          F   Gm
I feel so high
I can touch the sky


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