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[Elton John] A word in Spanish


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je cherche la tablature du solo qu'on entend dans "a word in Spanish" d'Elton Johnn...

Je n'ai pas le niveau pour le reprendre moi même.

A votre bon coeur,

merci d'avance


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Tu trouveras la tabla du solo sur cette page:


A Word In Spanish
Elton John/Bernie Taupin
I don't know why
I just know I do
I just can't explain
In this language that I use
Something leaves me speechless
Each time that you approach
Each time you glide right through me
As if I was a ghost
D  C    G
If I only could tell you
G	   D  A
If you only would listen
A    Bm   C D E
I've got a line or two to use on you
E	  C	   G			 D
I've got a romance we could christen
  A   Dm
And there's a word in Spanish
Fm6		   C
I don't understand
C	 Bdim
But I heard it in a film one time
E7  F
Spoken by the leading man
He said it with devotion
He sounded so sincere
And the words he spoke in Spanish
Brought the female lead to tears
   G	    Am	 F   G  Am
A word in Spanish, a word in Spanish
If you can't comprehend
Read it in my eyes
If you don't understand it's love
In a thin disguise
And what it takes to move you
Each time that you resist
Is more than just a pretty face
To prove that I exist
Dm    G
When manners make no difference
And my gifts all lay undone
I trade my accent in on chance
	  B		 E
And fall back on a foreign tongue



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