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How to hold a guitar properly


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Holding a guitar properly is essential for good technique, tone, and comfort while playing.

Sit in a comfortable chair: Start by sitting in a chair that supports your lower back and keeps your feet flat on the ground. You can also use a footstool or guitar support to elevate your left leg and provide a stable platform for the guitar.

Position the guitar: Rest the guitar on your right leg (if you are right-handed) or left leg (if you are left-handed) with the waist of the guitar resting on your thigh. The guitar should be positioned at a slight angle, with the neck tilted upward, so that the strings are parallel to the ground.

Support the guitar: Use your right arm to support the guitar and keep it in place, while your left hand frets the strings. Place your forearm over the top of the guitar and rest your hand on the bridge, which is the wooden piece that holds the strings in place. Your hand should be positioned lightly on the strings, without pressing down or muffling the sound.

Sit up straight: Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed while playing. Avoid slouching or hunching over the guitar, as this can cause tension and strain on your muscles and joints.

Hold the pick: If you are using a pick, hold it with your right hand between your thumb and index finger. The pick should be held firmly but not too tight, and at an angle that allows for smooth and accurate picking.

Adjust the strap: If you prefer to play standing up, use a guitar strap to hold the guitar in place. Adjust the strap so that the guitar is at a comfortable height and angle, and use your left hand to support the neck of the guitar as you play.

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