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[K's Choice] Wait


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D   A   D  A  D
Verse 1
D  A  D  A  F#m  E  D   x6
Bm  D  F#m  E  Bm  D
D A  D  A  F#m E  D    x2
Verse 2
F#m D A  F#m D  A  F#m D A D A  E
D A DA   D A D A

D:hold bar chord
A:hold bar chord
other chords are as usual....... here are the lyrics to the song..have fun playing it!!Hey anyone got the chords for
the song"Something's Wrong"?....mail me if you have them....Have fun playing it!!

[ Tab from: ]
Verse 1: I hold it, I fold it,I throw it on the floor;
	    I roll it,maybe I'm afraid that you'll be bored;
	    It's very weird and true and sad and hopeful just like me;
	    It's one of those things I'll never tell of,carved it in a tree;
	    Follow you,watch you,I thank God you're in my class;
	    I picture us in the school bus and we're holding each others hands;

Bridge  :I need a plan for you to fall in love with me and
	   then,I'll make you marry me,I'll wait..
Verse 2:I never wear my glasses when I know that you can see me;
	   You act as if I'm not around but deep down you must need me;
	   Draw you,every single feature in my head;
	   I try to do my homework but I dream of you instead;
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus
Second Chorus:I'll make you marry me;
				 I'll make you marry me;
				 I'll make you marry,marry me;
				 I'll wait.....







D: B(h)BHB

A: H(b)HBH


Chaque accord dure 2 temps, ce qui donne la rythmique suivante B(h)BHBH(b)HBH si tu enchaînes ton rythme bras droit

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La rythmique est fausse d'ailleurs, c'est 3 temps par accord, avec soit BhBHBH, soit BhbHBH suivant les cas.


Le pire c'est que , quand je relis la rythmique que j'ai donné, c'est évident par rapport aux nombres de B ou de H.


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