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Hi all!


Just one year ago, we launched the new version of Tabs4acoustic. It is now time to blow the first candle, make a small balance of this year and tell you about what is planned for the future.


First we want to thank all the ones who make this adventure possible, ie you, the visitors who regularly come on our site. Thanks to you and your participation, we went from a little over 11 000 registered last year to almost 40 000 members now! In addition, our youtube channel now totals close to 2750 subscribers, and 750 people among you follow us on twitter! And finally, our facebook fanpage launched this summer now includes 950 fans in just a few months!

We also wish to thank in particular the fifteen members who bought a subscription to our site and who contribute directly to the life of this site.


We could obviously not mention this site without thanking all the team that drives the forum by answering your questions. So a big thank you to Hugo, Fowear, manuorchestra, and a special thank you to patati who takes care of the english translations of the site.


What have we done this year?

Well we have developed the main aspect of Tabs4acoustic: guitar lessons on video. We now total thirty guitar lessons on video, totally free and of quality for more than 15 hours in total. And since September, a new course is added each week, and you can even vote for the course that will be posted the following week on the official T4A blog! Unfortunately, the videos are only accessible in french (well, for now), but you can still read the text version in english for all the lessons.


In addition, the riff library slowly fills with dozens and dozens of riffs, rhythm patterns, finger-picking patterns, licks, and most recently, exercises. All this in order to offer you a unique place for all educational resources needed, and enable you to easily apply what you learned in our courses!


The acoustic tablatures of course still remain on the site, again with a new tab added every week! If you do not know what to work on, please visit our list of famous songs and easy songs. All our tabs now include a built-in player which enables you to listen to the original version of the song, ideal for working well.


Our chord dictionary now has pictures: most chords have at least one position for which a picture is available. If you have a little trouble seeing how to place your fingers, look no further and take a peek at the picture! Subsequently, more and more pictures will be added to the dictionary, so keep an eye open.


In general, we now offer nearly fifteen free tools for guitarists, and new features are coming.


You can also post your covers directly on the site. You will have the opportunity to share your talent, or, if necessary, to receive feedback and tips to improve!


A lounge area has also made its appearance, just to wind down after your guitar sessions or to simply hang out.


And finally we have also contributed to the safeguarding of humanity by

. It may be only one zombie, but it's a good start!


What have we planned for next year?

To start with, more courses on video, more tabs, more riffs, more exercises, more of everything! We will try as much as possible to post more and more guitar lessons on video, trying to exceed the rate of "one class per week". It will not be easy, but I am sure that with your support, we will get there. We will not lie: we want to become the best guitar lessons site on the french net!


But we will not stop there, we have many other ideas in stock:

The guitar challenges will make their come back! Formerly included inside the message board, they will very soon have a prominent place on the site. The concept? We post a challenge, be it an improvisation, a cover or a composition challenge, there will be something for everyone, and everyone is invited to participate! The challenges are a great way to get motivated to work and to discover new things together, all in the cheerfulness!


Tablature in videos! The concept was tested earlier this year, with reserved success. So we will learn from our mistakes and redo it all, and better! You will find classes to learn to play specific songs, with the rhythmic and detailed chords.


Private lessons by webcam! You like our video course? You want private lessons? It will soon be possible! Indeed, we study the possibility to offer private lessons in webcam with TheAthenA714, the guitar teacher author of all courses in videos. Logistical problems are already solved, now we are asking ourselves more practical questions: Who will have access to these courses? at what price? and for how long? and for what content? Once these questions have been answered, this possibility will be available on site, so feel free to come and see from time to time!


English versions of our videos. If our written courses are already translated in English (again, thank you patati), we would also like to offer our videos in English. The most flexible solution is to provide captioning of our videos (YouTube player built right in, with, later, the ability to translate the subtitles in other languages). If you have advanced knowledge in terms of subtitling or want to participate, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Ebooks to download. All guitar lessons are being done in video, but a text version is also available on the site. Well you'll soon be able to download a PDF file containing all the text (and images) of the course, you can print to work anywhere. Ebooks-specific tools (chord dictionary, etc.) will also be created, enough to fill your library!


Mobile version of site is also under development in order to access it from anywhere! And with the overwhelming sales of iPhone and Android smartphones, we are considering the creation of an application T4A, to see courses in video and tablature from your phone. Again, if you have any programming knowledge on one of these platforms, feel free to contact us!


Support us!

As stated above, none of this would be possible without you. However, you can continue to support us in a very simple way, to help us help you improve in playing guitar (yes we are aware that this sentence is ridiculous). A few things you can do:

- Advertise around! We all know someone who tries to play the guitar, so why not give them the address of our site.

- Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on twitter, become a fan on facebook, and generally when you visit our site and you like what you see, please click on the button "like" or " +1 "

- Take a subscription, it does not cost much and it helps a lot!

- Join our message board and be an integral part of the community.

- Feel free to submit testimony on the site, it will please all members of the team!



Sun & TheAthenA714

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