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[Pearls Before Swine] The jeweller


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A						 C#m7		 F#7			 Bm
The jeweler has a shop on the corner of the boulevard
G			 Bm								 F#
In the night, in small spectacles, he polishes old coins
Em		 Am			   
He uses spit and cloth and ashes
Em					 Am
He makes them shine with ashes
Em				 Am
He knows the use of ashes
F#							 G
He worships God with ashes
2. The coins are often very old by the time they reach the jeweler
With his hands and ashes he will try the best he can
He knows that he can only shine them
Cannot repair the scratches
F#												 D7																		   
He knows that even new coins have scars so he just smiles
G				 C G		 C
He knows the use of ashes (la dada dada da da)
G				 C			 G	 C	 F#	   
He worships God with ashes (la dada dah da dada dah )
(same chords as verse 2)
3. In the darkest of the night both his hands will blister badly
They will often open painfully and the blood flows from his hands
He works to take from black coin faces the thumbprints from so many ages
He wishes he could cure the scars
When he forgets he sometimes cries
He knows the use of ashes
He worships God with ashes
(repeat 1st chorus)



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