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The Blues Scale

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Now that you’ve understood how the pentatonic scale works, let’s complicate things a bit and add up one to two "blue notes" on each position: let’s create the blues scale!

Prérequis pour ce cours : Pentatonic Minor Scale,
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To make it simple, the traditional blues scale is just a minor pentatonic scale on which a note has been added (a diminished fifth).That note will give the blues touch to the song, this is why it's called "blue note".

Blues Scale Positions

Here are the specific positions corresponding to the blues scale, with the blue note added on the pentatonic minor being highlighted in blue:

Blues scale box pattern #1


Blues scale box pattern #2


Blues scale position #3
Blues scale position #4
Blues scale position #5

As a conclusion (and in order to help you compare scales easily) here is the diagram with all the positions on the "A" blues scale:
Blues scale


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