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Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode

One of the most recognizable songs in the history of rock'n'roll.

Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode

Not many people can't recognize this riff as it marked the history of music, and rock'n'roll in particular. Immortalized in Back to the future, and before that on Chuck Berry's records, this legendary tune is a must-know for every guitarist out there.

Technically, there's not too many difficulty apart from the very high speed. But like with every other fast riff, you gotta start slow and build up gradually to get the fluidity necessary. Beyond that, you need to get used to do those slides in time in the first bar, and pay attention to those bends in bars 5 to 8.

Go for a clean tone if you want an authentic feel, or add a bit of overdrive if you want to play it like Marty McFly.

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