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New Sites added to our music directory
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Added Date Site Name Category Description
2017.04.29 Jim Bruce Guitar Lessons Teaching
2017.04.10 The Talent Bank Bands, Artists
2017.03.14 FaChords Guitar Lessons Software Teaching
2017.03.10 We Love Singing Teaching
2017.02.27 Guitar Backing Tracks Other music related websites
2017.02.27 Battle of Bands Other music related websites The most Famous band fights are at the ROCK HOUSE DERBY! Metallica vs Gun’s N Roses?...
2017.02.26 Chord Gitar Tabs, Lyrics
2017.02.26 GuitarFella.com Teaching
2017.02.21 Guitar Niche Teaching
2017.01.26 Jim Bruce Blues Guitar Lessons Teaching
2017.01.21 Soul Desire 8 Piece Classic Soul Band Bands, Artists
2016.12.07 Guitar Backing Tracks Directories, TopLists
2016.05.31 Musician Tuts Teaching
2015.09.17 Guitar Critic Dude Teaching
2015.07.16 Random Life Music Other music related websites
2015.01.24 Guitar neck visualiser Tabs, Lyrics
2015.01.19 Top Lyrics Tabs, Lyrics
2015.01.10 Nemo Tabs Tabs, Lyrics
2014.12.06 MusikFreak Radios, Webzines Discover new amazing tunes based on what you like, expand your musical collection the...
2014.11.07 Mp3 is Kool Music shops
2014.08.23 Guitar Lessons Mag Teaching
2014.08.08 Lirik Lagu & Kord Gitar @ KordGitaris.Com Tabs, Lyrics
2014.04.26 TuneFreak Other music related websites
2014.03.06 Lessons That Rock Teaching Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele and Drum Music Lessons in Long Beach, CA
2013.12.11 assolidichitarra Teaching Guitar News e risorse gratuite per Chitarra