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Free Guitar Tuner

Tuning your guitar is highly important. If you don't have a tuner at the moment, this free guitar tuner will permit you to easily tune up your guitar for many tunings
To tune up your Guitar, Click the buttons available under the letters. Each button corresponds to a string, the biggest being on the left and the thinest being on the right.

Sound Type :
Your favorite sound type to tune your Guitar. 4 Types are available : Acoustic, classical, bright electric, saturated electric)
Tuning Mode :
Tuning type. This tuner enables you to tune your guitar in many differents tunings, from the classic EADGBe to D-Drop Tuning or more or less famous open tunings. If it's not enough, you still can choose the custom mode.
Settings :
If you want to add a little more delay, ...

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