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5 folk guitars to get a good start

Buying your first guitar is not an easy task, you have way too much choices available and you don't know what's suitable for you. That's why we give you this list of 5 folk guitars perfectly suited for beginners.
The first thing you have to do when learning guitar, is actually buying a guitar. Every beginner has to go through that, and that whole buying process can be a bit intimidating. You have way too much choice available, and if you go into a guitar shop you have to face a guitar salesman that will absolutely not make fun of you when you’re touching a guitar for the first time. Thankfully we can make this task a bit easier for you by recommending you 5 guitars that are perfectly suited for beginners, some good solid value guitars that will allow you to start without putting too much thought into it.
It is however important to remember that tastes varies a lot. The best way to buy a guitar is to actually go try some guitar and find one that you like the sound, size and the look of. But if you don’t have the possibility to do so, then feel free to pick one of the guitars listed here.

Fender CD-60S  - around 180€

We start with a classic for beginners by Fender, whose reputation is already well made. You’ll get a solid top, a nice well-rounded sound, and for those that don’t like the color of wood you can find it in black. It’s an excellent choice as a first guitar, no matter what your musical tastes are.

Cort Earth 100 - around 240€

Another classic comes from Cort this time. Still equipped with a solid top, the sound is a little bit warmer which will give you this whole “campfire guitar player” vibe. Perfect to play with friends, you won’t have any issue learning on such a guitar and you won’t have to worry about build quality.

Ibanez AW54 - around 230€

For those who wants a thinner neck, something akin to what you’d find on an electric guitar, an Ibanez is exactly what you need. If you have small-ish hands, it’s the perfect choice to avoid suffering too much at your beginnings. And it’s also a good choice if you have bigger hands. And the cherry on top is that this guitar looks really good!

Yamaha FGX820C - around 375€

If you plan on recording yourself or playing a few live shows, an electro-acoustic guitar will be necessary since you’ll be able to plug it directly on a guitar amp. Which is the case with this little Yamaha thanks to it’s included mic and pre-amp. And as a bonus, you have a cutaway to give you easier access to higher notes in case you want to play some little solos.

Baby Taylor BT2 - around 400€

The body of that guitar is smaller than a regular guitar, so you’ll lose a little bit of volume and sound projection. But it will really make your life easier if you are not very tall or if you plan on travelling a lot with your new favorite instrument. Don’t let the name fool you, it might be a Baby but it has everything you might need to learn guitar.


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