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AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Did you know it was possible to play a legendary rock riff with just your left hand? It is, if you practice your hammer-ons and pull-offs.

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Si you want to play this riff just like Angus Young, your right hand will be totally useless. Everything is played with your left-hand, using a combination of hammer-on and pull-off. Just make sure to play them cleanly, and don't put too much distorsion or you'll get an awfully sloppy sound.

If you have some trouble with those legato techniques, you can always use your right hand if you want. Either by picking every note in alternate-picking, or by picking one our of two notes. You pick the fretted note and do a pull-off to play the open string, or you pick the open string and do a hammer-on to play the fretted note. I would recommand the first solution, which would sound closer to the original.

Regarding the rhythm, even though sixteenth note can scare beginners, but there's no difficulties here : everything is played at the same speed.

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