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Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley/Leonard cohen (Cover)

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A legendary acoustic song, that every guitarist should learn at one point. You now have no excuses for not learning this piece.
Guitar challenge closed since 03 Jun 2013.

A new cover challenge is here, and it's about the famous Hallelujah song, composed by Leonard Cohen and later covered by Jeff Buckley, among other artists. If you haven't learned this tune yet, there's still time, and you can do it with our tablature version of it.

This tablature is based on the Jeff Buckley version, which has a lot of complicated arpeggios. But as usual, if you're not feeling comfortable playing theme, don't worry, you're totally free to do your own version. You can just play simple chords and rhythm if you wish  to do so. 

There's also bonus point for anyone who will do a cover in the same spirit than mine.


1. Lestael, 8.333 (Listen to this performance)
2. Cahaya, 8.211 (Listen to this performance)
3. MathieuB, 7.478 (Listen to this performance)
4. davanlo, 7.333 (Listen to this performance)
5. IamShrek, 6.750 (Listen to this performance)
6. Jimnol49, 6.000 (Listen to this performance)
7. gdev00, 5.429 (Listen to this performance)
8. JEUSDI, 4.063 (Listen to this performance)

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