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Knockin' on heaven's door - Bob Dylan / Gun's n Roses (Cover)

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Often one of the first songs we learn to play on the guitar, you will be able to show us how rock it!
Guitar challenge closed since 11 Feb 2013.

Knockin 'on heaven's door, this is a real classic tune for beginner guitarists. So for this first official T4A challenge, we will ask you to cover the song.

As stipulated in the rules (which we recommend to read - soon available in English - in time, use an online translator), you are totally free to cover it as you want: with or without vocals, acoustic or electric, arranged or not, of the length you want, in a version close to Bob Dylan, Guns n'Roses, or your own version. Feel free to surprise us!


Main goal is not to win but to take part to the contest, so don't be afraid if you're not the new Slash, you're not the only one ! You will learn a lot by participating to these guitar challenges.

For those who don't know this song, the tab is available here. Good luck !


1. azer16, 8.421 (Listen to this performance)
2. Lestael, 8.000 (Listen to this performance)
3. SuN, 7.786 (Listen to this performance)
4. Villa, 7.273 (Listen to this performance)
5. Hugo, 7.182 (Listen to this performance)
6. Cahaya, 6.800 (Listen to this performance)
7. Ninqueelen, 6.696 (Listen to this performance)
8. toffy, 6.267 (Listen to this performance)
9. spaille, 6.167 (Listen to this performance)
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