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An improvisation over a blues in the key of G (Improvisation)

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For the first improvisation challenge, we're all gonna play a little something over a blues in the key of G. No real difficulties there, everybody should be able to do something !
Guitar challenge closed since 18 Feb 2013.

For this challenge, the backing track is a simple 12-bar blues in the key of G. In term of scales, you have plenty of scales you can choose from :

You can of course mix any numbers of these scales ! 

As for the rest, as usual, you are free to use your acoustic or electric guitar, and you can lengthen or shorten the backing track with your favorite MAO software. In short, do whatever you want, but share it with us afterward !


1. FOwear, 7.111 (Listen to this performance)
2. Fredi, 7.111 (Listen to this performance)
3. Hugo, 6.833 (Listen to this performance)
4. Lestael, 6.667 (Listen to this performance)
5. toffy, 6.143 (Listen to this performance)
6. , 5.857 (Listen to this performance)
7. IamShrek, 5.667 (Listen to this performance)
8. spaille, 5.667 (Listen to this performance)
9. Ninqueelen, 5.625 (Listen to this performance)

Not ranked :
TsuLee, Not enought votes - (Listen to this performance)

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