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A christmas challenge (Songwritting)

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With XMas coming shortly, we're gonna celebrate this by organising a composition challenge.
Guitar challenge closed since 14 Jan 2014.

The goal of this challenge is simple : you take a christmas song and you make a composition with it. You can choose any theme you want, and make the interpretation you want. It can be as simple as an acoustic guitar while singing, or a full range symphonic orchestra. You also have a total freedom on the style of the interpretation, so try to be original. Want to make a reggae version of jingle bells ? Go for it !

You have until January 1st to participate. And since this event is sponsored by Santa Claus, the winner of this challenge will get a small present !


1. Villa, 8.286 (Listen to this performance)
2. Lestael, 8.143 (Listen to this performance)
3. IamShrek, 7.462 (Listen to this performance)
4. Cahaya, 7.167 (Listen to this performance)
5. davanlo, 7.000 (Listen to this performance)
6. toffy, 6.455 (Listen to this performance)
7. ghost-rider, 6.188 (Listen to this performance)
8. gdev00, 4.200 (Listen to this performance)
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