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How to change your guitar strings

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Here is a quick tutorial to learn how to change your guitar strings on an acoustic guitar (folk). I precise that the following process is to achieve for each of 6 strings

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Step 1

Loosen the string up to a maximum with your key mechanics:

* The tool on the photo is a spool of strings, its use is optional throughout the process.

Step 2

-Once the string is loosened, remove the small pin for fixing the string at the easel, then remove the guitar string:

Step 3

-Put the new string in the hole designed for this purpose, and replace the pin on the top by pressing strongly to fix it well. You will notice that the pin has a slit in order to drag the string:

Step 4

-Insert the string in its location on the level of nut, insert it in the hole of the corresponding mechanics.

Step 5

-Pull the string to approximately 120 ° to tighten it and then "mark" it. With the finger of a hand, press on the top of mechanics, and then with your free hand, roll up the string at least 2 times on itself by the top. Iron then the string through the mechanics.

Step 6

-Keeping your finger on the top of mechanics, stretch the string by pressing the corresponding key:

Step 7

-Cut with a pliers the excess string to + / - 1cm on the level of mechanics:

Step 8

-Here is the final result you should get:

Step 9

-As the string is new, it is consequently quite elastic. I advise you to make it lose its elasticity:

a) Tune it in the desired sound
b) Take the string in the middle and pull it toward you several times, a bit like a bow (not like a beast otherwise you could break it!)
c) Check the tuning ... if it's no longer tuned. Repeat the 2 operations a) and b) specified above until the string is almost tuned.
When it's good (usually after 3 or 4 times), the string has lost 80% of its elasticity and you won't be forced to retune it so often as it happens regularly when we change the strings.


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