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Is it possible to play the guitar with small hands?

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The short answer to the question "Is it possible to play the guitar with small hands?" is just "yes". Yet, let's provide a few details to help you on this.

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The problem

Many beginners face the same issue: you are struggling to reach some frets with your fingers. And you instinctively think that your fingers are too small to reach them. Well, this is not true, the real problem is quite different.

The real problem

The real problem doesn't lie in your fingers size but in their flexibility and the extent to which you can stretch them. Regardless of the size of your hand, you can easily play what you want to play on the guitar but for the moment, you just need to train yourself to develop this flexibility and its deviations.

It isn't obvious, even with large fingers

The proof that the size of the hand does not have much to do with the matter is that even people with big hands have trouble to spread out their fingers enough in the beginning. They will also have to practice, just like you.

Children: the only exception

The only exception to the above statement is for children who are under 10-12 years old. Most of them do not yet have adult hands, in this case it would be better for them to learn on a ¾ or ½ guitar, which have a smaller size and which are therefore suitable for children.

But once they reach the age of 12-13 years old, their hands are usually developed enough to learn on an adult-size guitar. So if you are an adult, even if you have "child hands", you can work on an adult guitar.

Get to work

All you have to do now is practice to improve on this. So come on, let's go!


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