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The Slides

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The slides are one of many "left hand" guitar techniques which, if used sparingly, can significantly embellish an arpeggio, a riff etc.

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As its name implies, with this method you will have to "slide" your fingers on the strings. The idea is to produce two successive notes on one string and from one single stroke. There are two kinds of effects:

The upward effect (from a lower note to a higher one), noted "/":


The downward effect (from a higher note to a lower one) noted "\" :


Specifically you must:

  1. Make the first note of the "slide" ring (noted in red in the examples above) by scraping the corresponding string in the given fret,
  2. On the same string and along the neck, slide the finger which produced the first note until you reach the second note (marked in green), but without scraping the string again!

=> So you get two different notes linked by a progression, having scraped the string only once.

*note : the speed of the "slide" depends on the song

Below is a concrete example of the different possibilities with the intro of "Hey Joe" from Jimmy Hendrix :
apprendre slides


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