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Patience tab

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Free Patience tab for the acoustic guitar. Learn to play Guns N' Roses with easy chords for beginners
Ukulele Version: Patience Ukulele

Chords (6)

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Intro: [C C][G G][A A][D D] [C C][G G][A A][D D] [C C-G G][C C-Em Em][C C-G G][D D]

1st verse :
C C                      
 Shed a tear cause I'm missing you
    G G
I'm still all right to smile
A A                             D D
 Girl I think about you every day now
 Was a time when I wasn't sure
       G G
But you set my mind at ease
A A                                D D
 There is no doubt, you're in my heart now

Chorus :
C C     -     G G    -
 Said woman take it slow
            C C      -        Em Em        -
And it will work itself out fine
C C      -       G G       -      D D
All we need is just a little patience
C C     -     G G          -
 Said sugar make it slow and
   C C      -       Em Em      -
It comes together fine
C C      -       G G      -      D D         D D         D D         D D
All we need is just a little patience, patience, patience, patience

2nd Verse :
 I sit here on the stairs
         G G
Cause I'd rather be alone
   A A                            D D
If I can't have you right now I want it
C C 
 Sometimes I get so tense
      G G
But I can't speed up the time
A A                                             D D
D D’You know love, there's one more thing to consider

Chorus :
C C     -     G G     -
 Said woman take it slow
    C C      -            G G        -
And things will be just fine
C C    -         G G      -     D D
You and I just use a little patience
C C     -     G G
 Said sugar take the time
          C C      -           G G    -
Cause the lights are shining bright
C C      -      G G                D D
You and I got what it takes to make it
We don't fake it
Ahh and never break it
Cause I can't take it

Solo : [C C][G G][A A][D D][C C-G G][C C-Em Em][C C-G G][D D][D D][D D]>let ring

[G G][C C][G G][C C]

G G    C C
A A little patience
G G    C C
Mhh Yeah

Ending :
 I've been walking the streets tonight
 Just trying to get it right
     D D
It's hard to see with so many around
 No I don’t like being stuck in a crowd
        D D
And the streets don't change but maybe the name
     G G
No I ain't got time for the game
        D D
Cause I need you
                  G G
Yeah Yeah cause I need you
      F F
Uh I need you
      G G
Woh I need you
          D D
Uhh this time


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