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Situations tab

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Free Situations tab for the acoustic guitar. Learn to play Jack Johnson with easy chords for beginners

Chords (4)

How to read and play chords for beginners

Chord E (0,2,2,1,0,0)
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Chord F# (2,4,4,3,2,2)
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Chord G#m (4,6,6,4,4,4)
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Chord B (x,2,4,4,4,2)
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Riff (through the song) :

    B B        G#m G#m       E E        F# F# - E E -
E |------------------|-------------------|
B |------------------|-------------------|
G |----------1-------|-1--------3----1---|
D |-1--------x-------|-2--------4----2---|
A |-2--------2-------|-2--------4----2---|
E |------------------|-------------------|


Situation number one
G#m G#m
It's the one that's just begun
   E E                   F# F#   -    E E   -
But evidently it's too late

Situation number two
G#m G#m
It's the only chance for you
    E E                          F# F#   -    E E   -
It's controlled by denizens of hate

Situation number three
G#m G#m
It's the one that no one sees
    E E                           F# F#   -    E E   -
It's all too often dismissed as fate

Situation number four
         G#m G#m
It's the one that left you wanting more
E E                            F# F#   -    E E   -
 It tantalized you with it's bait

Outro :

e |---------------------------------------------------
B |-(4)----(9)(7)----(5)(2)----(0)(2)-----------------
G |---------------------------------------------------
D |--1------6--4------2-----------1--2----------------
A |--2------7--6------4--4------4-x--x----------------
E |----------------------5--------2--2----------------

e |---------------------------|-------------------------| 
B |-4--9-7--5-2--0-2--4h5--4--|--9-7--5-2--0-2--4h5--4--| 
G |---------------------------|-------------------------| 

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