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Symbol In My Driveway tab

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Free Symbol in my driveway tab for the acoustic guitar. Learn to play Jack Johnson with easy chords for beginners

Chords (4)

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Main riff :
  A A               A A                E E                 E E           (D# D#)

  D D               D D                A A              E E  

1st verse/chorus: :
A A                        A A
 I've got a symbol in my driveway 
E E                                   E E       (D# D#)
 I've got a hundred million dollar friends 
D D          D D                      A A
 Got you a brand new heaven, lets see 
        E E
How destructive we can be 

2nd verse/chorus: :
A A                        A A
 Got a brand new set of stencils 
E E                               E E     (D# D#)
 I've been connecting all the dots 
D D                  D D                 A A
 Got my plans in a ziplock bag, lets see 
         E E
How unproductive we can be 

3rd verse/chorus: :
A A                        A A
 Got a lightbulb full of anger 
E E                           E E       (D# D#)
 And I can switch it on and off 
D D                  D D                       A A
 Situations it can be so bright, I can't believe 
      E E
How pathetic we can be  
4th verse/chorus:
A A                     A A
 Got a perfect set of blueprints 
E E                            E E       (D# D#)
 I'm gonna build somebody else 
D D                    D D
 Might cost a little more than money 
    A A                       E E
But what's man without his wealth  

5th verse/chorus:
A A                        A A 
I've got a phosphorescent secret 
E E                              E E       (D# D#)
 But don't you tell nobody else 
D D                                 D D
 Next thing you'll know the whole world will be talking 
      A A                            E E
About all the blues they got, they just ain't no use, they got 

Outro :
A A          A A
E E          E E
D D          D D
A A          E E      A A>let ring


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