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5 electric guitars to start your career

The electric guitar is the stuff dreams are made of. But to learn how to play it, you need to buy one! Thankfully, we have here a little list of 5 electric guitars perfectly suited for beginners.
If you want to learn how to play pop, rock, funk, metal or many other kind of music, an electric guitar is the instrument you need. But to find one that will suit your needs is not an easy task when you’re faced with such a wide variety of choices. That’s why we made a short selection of 5 electric guitars that are perfect for beginners.
It is however important to remember that tastes varies a lot. The best way to buy a guitar is to actually go try some guitar and find one that you like the sound, size and the look of. But if you don’t have the possibility to do so, then feel free to pick one of the guitars listed here.
Don’t forget that with an electric guitar you will need an amp too. But since it looks like you were born under a lucky star, we also made a short list of 5 electric guitar amps that will be perfectly paired with the guitars in this list.
And if you’re not a fan of electric guitar, you can opt for a folk guitar instead.

Fender Squier Bullet Strat HSS - around 130€

Fender doesn’t need any introduction in the world of electric guitars, they’ve been dominating stages for more than 60 years, and it’s well deserved. With this little Squier Bullet, you’ll have the perfect instrument to start learning guitar. With an HSS mic configuration you’ll get access to pretty much every sound an electric guitar can produce, giving you plenty enough of versatility to play any kind of music.

Cort G110 - around 180€

As an alternative to Fender we’d be hard pressed to not talk about the Cort G110. Same kind of mic with an HSS configuration, excellent value for money, you won’t be disappointed by this little beastie, no matter what you’re favorite style of music is.

Ibanez GRG140 - around 190€

Ibanez is undeniably the master of metal guitars. So if you like music that is usually best appreciated with long hair and a good beer, that’s the right bet. You’ll still get a nice versatility thanks to the HSS mic configuration in case you want to play some softer kind of music.

Fender Squier Affinity Tele - around 210€

The telecaster is a guitar that you’ll either love or hate. But if you love them, Fender has this nice little Squier Affinity that will allow you to distinguish yourself from every other guitarists out there. Be careful though, versatility is definitely not its strong suit, so be sure to make the right choice if you opt for a Telecaster.

Hagstrom Ultra Swede - around 540€

If you have a thing for Gibson Les Pauls, then look no more. If I see a student with an Hagstrom, he immediately becomes my favorite student. If you put a Hagstrom in my hands, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead body if you want to get it back. The two humbuckers mic will allow you to really dig deep in your rock soul, so if you like that kind of music, you just found a mate for life!


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